Fast Private 2021: Ursus staffs digital businesses

To what do you attribute your growth over the last three years?

Operational excellence and quality of service.

What was the Covid pandemic’s effect on your business? 

We have been a remote/virtual company for over five years. When our competitors were scrambling to adjust to a work-from-home model, we continued onward as standard operating procedure, and our business doubled. 

As our competitors look to push their employees back to the office, we remain committed to the remote model and believe more recruiting and sales talent will come to us from competitors who mandate in-office attendance. 

Support for remote work — especially for developers — has opened up the candidate pool, and makes our job easier given there are more candidates available nationally rather than limited to a specific geography.

Where would you like your business to be in five years? 

Our three-year company goal is to be a $100 million technology and creative staffing firm, which would make us one of the top100 staffing firms in NorthAmerica. If we continue to deliver a quality experience to our clients and take the best care of our employees and contractors, we can achieve this.

What’s the scaling strategy you’ll take to reach that goal? 

We are launching our own training program called Ursus University to support college grads entering our industry.We simply cannot hire fast enough from other firms and we plan to train and develop our own talent. We also will continue to leverage the accelerated digital transformation movement happening across all vertical industries that are in need of technical and creative talent.

One thing giving you hope: 

Our employees; I continue to marvel, am inspired and humbled by our team’s passion, professionalism and desire to improve while also being mindful and supportive of your teammates and the company as a whole.

How does your business celebrate as a team? 

As a virtual team, we celebrate virtually on Slack and Zoom, but we also get the company together regionally and all hands at least quarterly. We also use a tool called Bonusly that allows peer-to-peer recognition over Slack and email. 

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