Ursus Way

improving the candidate & client experience
we operate & communicate with intention and integrity.
We strive to listen actively, respond quickly and accurately regardless of whether the update is positive or if there are challenges to address. This applies to our internal and external communication. If we don’t know, we ask questions in order to understand. During the staffing process we proactively and diligently follow-up, and we strive to ensure clarity and understanding to keep all parties in the communication loop – hiring manager, candidate, program manager.
we hustle all the time
We also often refer to this as GRIT! We put forth the extra effort, the time, or the resources, whatever that entails, when most of our competitors don’t, won’t, or can’t. Cutting corners is never an option. Politely persistent is one of our key mantras.
we pay attention
to the details.
We believe in going the extra mile. We will always take the “high road”, and we care about the little things … even when no one is watching.
we strive to constantly
 improve, build trust, collaborate & have fun.
We focus on effectiveness, efficiency and look for opportunities to improve and innovate individually and as a company. If a better way exists, as a result from learning by an error, or creating it ourselves, we will embrace the better way. We are a team of lifelong learners who take pride in our craft and share best practices with one another. We challenge ourselves and one another and strive to beat our results from the day, week, month, quarter, or year prior. We celebrate our wins and learn from our losses as a team!