Ursus Delivers transformative cloud solutions and services
to help your business reach new heights. 



Finding the right talent for the job is a tough task.
We repeatedly demonstrate our ability to meet this challenge
while exceeding client expectations.



We match your skills & requirements to jobs
with the most respected companies in the world.
New jobs posted daily. 



We place the highest priority on understanding the unique needs of our clients first; ensuring a mutual, best-fit success and integration of people, and solutions from the desktop, through the data center and into the cloud.






A relentless attention to detail is the hallmark of our organization and we pride ourselves in a high-touch, customer-centric approach. Our clients benefit from our unmatched technical expertise, project quality, responsiveness, and flexibility.






Ensuring a great hire means finding the candidate who "checks all the boxes" AND fits your culture. Our vetting process identifies applicants who not only meet your skill requirements but also possess the essential intangibles.


Ursus places the highest priority on understanding the unique needs of our clients, no matter the current stage of your technology or business evolution.
Our persistence and relentless attention to detail – combined with a team of technology professionals who have decades of proven success – makes Ursus the right partner for you.

Core Disciplines

We do two things really well - Talent Staffing with particular strength in providing cloud-related skill sets and solutions.


At Ursus, you come first. We listen to your needs before we recommend. Then we assign the right account and technical resources to meet your needs.



Our goal of every engagement is your complete satisfaction in the delivery of the right solution or service to meet YOUR needs.

Cropped shot of computer programmers working on new code


Regardless of the engagement – building a solution, managing a service,  or providing staffing support – the Ursus team knows how to identify and source the top IT professionals and deliver the services that will best address your business needs.

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We take the time to understand the nuances of your business, where you are today, where you want to and NEED to go – and then we map our service and solution offerings to advance YOUR agenda. We assess your requirements and collaboratively develop a unique value proposition for each project or position.

Ursus Hiring


Technology is great!  However, relationships matter even more than technology. Our commitment to forge and continually cultivate relationships with our clients, consultants and partners is the foundation for how we manage our business and the solutions and services we deliver to our clients.

A few of our awesome clients:



Ashpruha P. – Procurement Manager

“That’s awesome. I think your candidate quality is really good, which makes my hiring managers wanting to keep working with you and that’s also why I send every requisition your way. Kudos to your recruiting team!”

Ka C. – I.T. Manager

"The Ursus team is fantastic to work with; the team took the time to understand our unique requirements. They communicate regularly during the course of the engagement and made sure every step of the process was smooth and efficient."

Konstantin V. – I.T. Technical Project Manager

"The Ursus team was very professional and easy to work with. They provided consistent status updates on where you stand, coached me on what to expect in interviews. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Ursus to any professional who needs assistance in job placement."

Bobev S. – Software Engineer

"The first day at the client, the Ursus team personally came to introduce me to the company. HR processes are efficient and less time-consuming compared to other companies. Time-tracking system is easy to use. Everyone at Ursus is very helpful and positive minded."

Stephen B. – Application Support Analyst

"I was given excellent support from the Ursus team, including lots of very useful information to guide me through the various stages of the interview. As soon as the team had completed assisting me with my job hunt, I actually felt like I was part of a team. In short, it became obvious to me very early on that the entire team at Ursus just genuinely care."

Ulrich H. – Director of Cloud Management Services

“Ursus helped me staff a significant project that involved moving thousands of systems and data to multiple public cloud providers. Their project management support and ability to find talent across multiple disciplines was one of the key factors to a successful migration.”

Otelima A. – Support Analyst

"Ursus was totally professional and great to work with. They are a results oriented organization and follow through on every detail in achieving success in any given assignment. They are easy to work with and communicate frequently. I particularly liked the fact that Ursus did not keep me in the dark regarding the role I applied for. They provided me regular updates which was very helpful. Working with the Ursus team was really enjoyable and I gladly recommend her to anyone who wants to have success in client placement in any organization."

Aaron L. – Infrastructure Consultant

"The Ursus team was very professional and easy to work with. They provided consistent status updates on where the project stood and delivered results on time. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Ursus."

Bruce D. – Director of Call Center Operations

"This has definitely been the most enjoyable assignment of my career thus far. Having a team go the extra mile to make sure the position, team and environment are a great fit, and caring enough to make sure their assessment was correct, and both the team and I are happy has truly meant a great deal to me. Thank you Ursus!"

Lauren S. – Talent Manager

“…thank you for continuing to help us fill our hardest roles -- you do it with grace!”

Mitchell S. – Sr. Director of Platform Operations

"This is my first time I engaged with Ursus, and I have to say, there is something that set them apart from the rest. Honest and truly open communication with both sides, the candidate (which was my case) and the employer. Definitively a great team of professionals. Thank you for all your dedication and support!”

Takahashi S. – Director of Application Development

“The Ursus team helped us plan and execute the migration of existing applications and the launch of new applications into the public cloud and continues to provide us with quality software development talent.”

Anne H. – Sr. Talent Program Manager

"You’ve had some of the best candidates come through on this project that I’ve seen. So, first thank you for the quality of candidate you’ve put forward"

Amy T. – Business Operations Analyst

"I have worked with many recruiters in my 15-year career and I don’t recall any recruiters even coming close to the Ursus team’s caliber and ability."

Tom H. – VP of Procurement

“Your candidate quality is really, really good, which makes our hiring managers wanting to keep working with you and that’s also why I send every requisition your way. Kudos to your recruiting team!”

Antonia P. – UX Developer

“I would like to jot you a quick note to thank you for the hand-written welcoming card I received yesterday. In the time of our world’s epidemic business this personalized gesture was like a breath of fresh air, and I sincerely appreciate it. Also, it tells me a lot about you and Ursus. Besides that, I wanted to tell you about my wonderful experience working with one of your senior recruiters. Her support, willingness to go the extra mile and caring personal touch made all the difference in the world for me in this job searching journey.”


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