Quarterly meetings led by our contractor community, for our contractor community – discussing topics important to our contractors!


We took notice that staffing, talent and recruiting events are typically represented by suppliers, clients, technology and managed service providers. Noticeably absent from these industry forums is YOU, the employee doing the work and making it all possible!

Introducing the Ursus Contractor Council program is a committee of individuals who are interested in further professional development, skill-building and top-tier networking. This is an exciting opportunity to learn, grow and make some great connections with fellow professionals and industry leading, subject matter experts who specialize in the best practices of talent management, diversity and inclusion, social psychology and a variety of other topics related to YOUR work!

MEEting DatES:

This is a quarterly, virtual meeting where we discuss different topics and trends relative to what is important to YOU as a contingent worker. Topics will include but not be limited to: Diversity and Inclusion, benefits, remote work, and many others. The goal of this committee is to bring more value to you while working with Ursus and gain more insight to your experience working with us and our clients. We are invested in improving the consultant experience and the ways we engage in meaningful partnership with you.

We have an impressive agenda which includes subject matter guest speakers, diversity champions and major talent leaders to present and facilitate group discussion. Each council meeting is thoughtfully designed to be informative and engaging.

new & relevant topics

Each quarter we will notify you of the topic in advance.

industry-leading guest speakers

Subject matter experts with real world expertise and experience.

collaborative group forum

We will discuss what is making the most impact in your work today. We invite you to share your thoughts, opinions, and expertise!

new & different perspectives

With insights from experts, your peers, and others, we can all learn more.

We encourage your questions, engagement and even debate on the topics raised.

For more information or to inquire about future meetings, please contact us at