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october 8, 2021

Software Defined Infrastructure Adoption

(San Francisco) – Compliments of our partners at Silver-Peak, I attended the first West Coast edition of the Open Networking User Group (ONUG), held at Intuit HQ in Mountain View.

Well done @nicklippis and his team for putting together yet another quality event. After two days of panel discussions, case study showcases, and speaking to various vendors and clients on the show floor, I continued to hear the same lament from attendees; why adoption of new technologies has taken longer than the typical technology adoption curve. The same anecdotal stories that I remember hearing when I first joined Embrane to head their global field operations effort three years ago were mostly alive and well. Of these, my favorite: “You can’t expect a network engineer who has lived in a CLI world for decades to all of sudden know how to or want to write code.”

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November 23, 2021

By Lynn Peithman Stock – Contributor

fast private 2021: ursus staffs digital businesses

To what do you attribute your growth over the last three years?

Operational excellence and quality of service.

What was the Covid pandemic’s effect on your business? 

We have been a remote/virtual company for over five years. When our competitors were scrambling to adjust to a work-from-home model, we continued onward as standard operating procedure, and our business doubled. As our competitors look to push their employees back to the office, we remain committed to the remote model and believe more recruiting and sales talent will come to us from competitors who mandate in-office attendance. … continue reading


SIA - collaboration in the gig economy

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