AI Washing Is Lazy

No lie, I must receive twenty sales calls a week for companies claiming to offer the staffing AI solution that will, “change the game” or “revolutionize the industry” or even “eliminate the need for recruiters. Sometimes I play along and ask for more information or even take time for a quick demo. I will admit, there are some pretty slick solutions coming to market that could potentially drive efficiency, accuracy and improved client and contractor experience. But for every piece of technology, I see that makes me stop, look, think and maybe even decide to evaluate there are twenty times the number that I laugh at and quickly dismiss the companies as AI Washers!

“AI washing” refers to the practice of companies or individuals making exaggerated or misleading claims about their use of artificial intelligence (AI) in their products or services, often for marketing or publicity purposes. This can include companies claiming to use AI when they are only using basic algorithms or statistical models, or making promises about the capabilities of their products that go beyond what is currently possible with AI technology.

The term “AI washing” is similar to other technology-related buzzwords, such as “greenwashing” (exaggerating the environmental benefits of a product) or “cloud washing” (exaggerating the extent to which a product uses cloud computing).

AI washing can be harmful because it can mislead customers and investors into thinking that a product or service is more sophisticated or capable than it actually is, which can lead to disappointment, wasted resources, or even harm. It can also undermine trust in AI as a field by promoting unrealistic expectations and obscuring the genuine achievements of companies that are using AI effectively.

Wait, you mean a chat bot, is not AI? A search bar that maps job opening, location and job seeker is not AI? It’s laughable but also irresponsible and just plain lazy. Hopefully the shrewd buyer can see through the hype and vet the real disrupters from those drafting off yet another technology movement. In the meantime, to the actual technologist who are developing, innovating and disrupting stay true to your mission and know the cream will and always does eventually rise to the top.