Mapping CMO and CIO Interdependence to the Hiring Process

Today it does not, but it should!

CMO’s and CIO’s need one another now more than any time in history.  The acceleration of the digital transformation movement has, in parallel, also transformed the CMO and CIO job responsibilities and required skill sets.  Almost one-third of CMO’s today are leading their company’s digital transformation agendas, requiring them to forge close relationships with the CIO to deliver on the MarTech stack and digital environment.  Similarly, the CIO must provide a quality of service not judged only by uptime SLA, but also by delivering a user-friendly, consumer-like experience on par with latest trending apps.   The once siloed walls are coming down and the once traditional lines of demarcation are blending into more tightly collaborative projects, often with interchangeable department talent and skills.  In a recent poll conducted by Modern Marketing Partners, over 65% of CMOs and CIOs polled agree that CIO-CMO alignment and collaboration is important.  

Marketing and IT teams must develop cross-functional relationships and can no longer operate independently.  Alignment needs to occur throughout the organization and product or service lifecycle: development, deployment, security, and support measured all in quality of user experience and ROI. As a result, hiring managers are looking for talent that understands this shift change and build teams with functional skills sets to add both marketing and technical value.   

So why would that not extend to recruiting and hiring talent? 

Most staffing companies still silo their recruiters, account managers, back office, and support organizations into either IT/Tech or Marketing/Creative.  As a result, buyers are forced to manage two buying lanes from their suppliers: two separate account managers, two separate onboarding leads, two separate recruiters resulting in twice the time buyers spend to manage their supplier.   This is time wasted.  Doesn’t it make sense to deliver a recruiting service that works and views the world just as your organization does?   

We think so too! And the reward for this cross-pollination approach can be extraordinary.  

As CMO’s and CIO’s work together to usher in the digital transformation era, Ursus is working to find new and better ways to engage with our customers to align our combined technical and creative recruiting services to their evolving organizational structure.  

The market is and will continue to change.  We believe in adapting to the change and providing our clients a more efficient, effective, and unique recruiting experience, resulting in the right talent, without wasting time, and delivered on time to meet their digital transformation goals and objectives. 

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