March 20, 2023

Ursus Staffing Empowers Contractors with New Contractor Council Launch

Platform designed as a forum for contingent workforce to share feedback with peers and staffing leaders

Silicon Valley, CA – Ursus, Inc. Staffing, a leading digital transformation staffing solutions provider, specializing in creative and technical talent, is proud to announce the formation of the Ursus Contractor Council, a platform designed to empower its contingent workforce by providing a forum for open dialogue, feedback, best practice sharing and networking. This initiative is part of Ursus Staffing’s ongoing commitment to improving the service experience for its contractors and helping them grow professionally.

“So often in our industry the contingent worker lacks a voice, despite the fact that without them there would be no industry.”, said Jon Beck, CEO of Ursus. “Staffing tradeshows are represented by the clients, suppliers and vendor management providers, but rarely if ever do you see a contingent worker as a keynote or even represented on a panel. We believe that the Contractor Council will provide a valuable platform for our contractors to express their views and opinions, share their feedback, and work with us to continuously improve not only our contractor care service but the market at large.”

The Ursus Contractor Council is a group of Ursus contractors, deployed at various clients, who will serve as the voice of the company’s contingent workforce. The council’s purpose is to share important insights, experiences, and recommendations with Ursus Staffing’s leadership team, with the goal of enhancing the overall service experience for all contractors.

“I am thrilled to be a part of the Ursus Contractor Council, where I have the opportunity to connect with my fellow contingent workers and industry leaders.”, said Ricardo Morales, a Sr. Engineer specializing in cloud infrastructure based technologies. “Finally, contingent workers have a platform to share feedback, exchange ideas, and learn best practices from each other. I feel privileged to be a part of such a supportive community.”

The Contractor Council will meet quarterly with Ursus Staffing’s leadership team as well as subject matter industry leader guest speakers, to discuss a range of topics that are important to the company’s contractors, including remote work, compensation transparency, benefits, training, career development, and more. Additionally, council members will serve as ambassadors for Ursus Staffing, helping to promote the company’s brand and services among their peers.

“We believe that the Contractor Council will enable us to build stronger relationships with our contingent workforce, better understand their needs and challenges, and provide more customized solutions that meet their unique requirements.”, said Whitney Doelp, Manager of Contractor Care at Ursus. “We are excited to launch this initiative and look forward to working closely with our contractors to deliver the best possible service experience.”

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