Data Science Recruiters: Let Us Find the Top Talent for Your Workforce

Is your business ready to bring in a new data scientist?

Hiring someone with the right skills, experience, and traits is far from a straightforward process. Finding the perfect fit for your team doesn’t have to be a game of trial and error. With Ursus, we not only find you great candidates, we also find you candidates that match your unique work culture.

Our data science recruiters maintain a huge database of potential candidates and employ our refined data analytics recruitment process to uncover professionals that fit your requirements.

Slash your hiring time and save money by removing unqualified, inexperienced candidates from day one. We plug into your team to understand what makes your business tick and go where other data analyst recruitment agencies don’t.

Transform Data into Value When You Hire Data Scientists

Harness the power of data within your business and make it work for you with data analytics recruitment firms. Don’t accept anything but the best when you hire data scientists.

What can a data scientist do for your organization?

  • Monetize your data
  • Mitigate business risk within your organization
  • Get unique insights and benefit from new opportunities
  • Optimize your forecasting
  • Make better business decisions

Data is what makes the world go round. From health to digital marketing to retail, industries across the country are transforming their data into business assets that contribute to their success.

With data science headhunters from Ursus, work with the top talent in this industry and take your brand to the next level.

We strive to find the right people, whether you need someone temporarily or permanently. Supercharge your hiring process and be a more agile company with one of the industry’s best data analyst recruitment agencies.

Our Data Analytics Recruitment Services

Do you have an open position for a data scientist?

Ursus has the candidate to fit for your business. Whether you’re a growing team or a flourishing industry pioneer, get top-tier talent and hire data scientists with the potential to accelerate your business’s growth.


Need your next hire to meet an urgent deadline or to reduce the burden on your workforce during a rush period?

Hire a data analyst on an hourly basis. We take care of everything when making a short-term hire, such as unemployment insurance, general liability insurance, and workers’ compensation.

Unlike other analytics recruiting firms, we go the extra mile and even perform in-depth background checks on every Ursus data scientist candidate.


Be confident when you make your next direct offer. Trial a new data scientist and see how they perform within your unique setup.

Gauge your data scientist’s results, watch how they interact with your team, and be 100% sure that they are the right professional for you.

Try as many candidates as you need to with data scientist recruiters that let you try before you buy.

Direct Hire

Do you have an open position that you need to fill?

Discover the best in the business with Ursus data scientist recruiters. Our direct hiring services recruit, interview, and perform background checks into candidates before showing you the shortlist.

For a small fee based on your new hire’s starting salary, this is an investment in your future success.

Why Ursus?

Bringing in a new face is always nerve-wracking. Take advantage of a recruitment process that has been refined and defined repeatedly to meet the needs of the modern business.

We save you time, we save you money, and we save you countless headaches on your journey to find your new data scientist.

Deep-Diving into Your Business

Unlike other data analyst recruiters, we deep-dive into your business to find out what makes your brand and your team unique.

Collaborate with our team, and we will find you a data scientist who will fit in with your organization’s core values and ethos.

Non-Stop Hustle

Our team works around the clock to cut the time it takes to compile your hiring shortlist.

But the speed at Ursus doesn’t mean compromising on quality. Cutting corners and taking shortcuts are simply not within our DNA.

We are scientist recruiters known for our tried-and-tested recruitment process that gets results every single time.


Other analytic recruiters consistently fail to look beyond the basics found in a resume. We look beyond the qualifications and the experience to uncover the little things that make each data scientist unique.

It is our attention to those little details that guarantee access to the top talent for our clients.

Adapting to Be the Best

The world of data science is forever changing. The recruitment practices of five years ago are not the recruitment practices that will yield fantastic results today.

Our data science recruiters are not just creative recruitment specialists, they are also plugged into the nuances of the industry.

We are constantly adapting and evolving to match the needs of modern-day business, regardless of the industry.Reach your potential and outflank the competition with Ursus data science recruiters now. We have the staffing solutions you need.