Software Engineer Recruiters: Let us Find Top Talent for Your Workforce 

Recruiting top software engineers that fit in with your culture, ethos, and values while delivering results is never easy. Within the hypercompetitive software engineering and development world, you need a software engineer recruiter by your side.

Choose Ursus and gain access to a team of specialist software developer recruiters with years in the business. Our team draws from a deep candidate pool using a proven recruitment process that delivers results time and time again.

Work with a software engineer headhunter that does away with the hassle of filtering out unqualified candidates. Our team plugs into yours to find you a coding whiz or a first-rate software engineer.

Unlike other software engineer recruiting firms, we listen and learn about your business so you get the perfect candidate.

Outperform the Competition with High-Quality Software Engineers

Every industry and business needs to embrace digital to succeed. Cutting-edge software is the lifeblood of global commerce. Stop accepting second best and recruit software engineers to remove the competition and become the number one brand in your industry.

Why enlist coding staffing agencies to deliver a shortlist of highly qualified and highly experienced candidates?

  • Take on brand-new software development projects and boost your capacity.
  • Improve the efficiency of your business.
  • Reduce the burden on your team.
  • Fill short and long-term development gaps.
  • Meet urgent deadlines on IT software projects.

All this is possible when you work with a software developer recruitment agency like Ursus.

We find the right talent to fit temporary, contract, and full-time positions. Make your hiring process faster and more agile with the top software engineer recruiter in the business.

Our Software Engineer Developer Recruiter Services

Ready to transform your business?

We provide software engineer recruiter services to suit any business big or small, whether you need a temporary addition to your team or a talent for the future.


Hire an employee on an hourly basis to enhance your existing team or meet a critical deadline.

We handle all expenses associated with making a temporary software developer hire, including workers’ compensation, general liability insurance, and unemployment insurance.

All Ursus contractors have received extensive background checks to guarantee the quality of our software developer recruiters’ services.


Choose a solution that allows your company to test-drive a new software developer before offering a full-time contract.

Gauge how your candidate performs and how they slot into your culture before making a direct offer.

Try a variety of candidates to ensure that you find the best possible developer for the role. With contract-to-hire, it has never been simpler to add to your team risk-free.

Direct Hire

Are you ready to expand your team and support your growing business?

Locate the perfect candidate for your team with Ursus direct hiring services for software engineers.

We recruit, interview, and check candidates before sending you the shortlist. All you pay for is our fee when you make a hire, based on their starting salary.

Why Ursus?

Hiring anyone on a temporary or permanent basis is a big step to take. With Ursus’ tried-and-tested recruitment process, there’s no wasted time, no wasted money, and no wasted talent.

Take advantage of programmer recruiters with a difference and hire with the Ursus Difference.


Our software engineering recruiters endeavor to understand the fabric of your business. Every hiring project is designed to fit the unique mold of your brand.

We speak to you to find someone who has not only the qualifications and experience but also someone who can insert themselves into the core and culture of your organization.


This is a software developer recruitment agency that never stands still. Get your next team member fast with our help.

Our recruiters devs are always on the clock and never compromise on finding the perfect candidate.  With no shortcuts and no corner-cutting, speed is of the essence.

The refined recruiting process employed to find your next software engineer has been filtered down to a fine art over many years of serving businesses.


What makes the ideal software engineer?

It’s not just the qualifications and the experience but the little things. We believe that when teams fail to push in the same direction, this is no more than wasted potential.

Supercharge your team with an Ursus coder. Our recruiters examine all the tiny aspects that could mean boom or bust for your next hire.


Ursus is a software developer recruitment agency that strives to constantly improve. To meet the changing needs of the software development industry, we plug ourselves into the industry to understand what businesses need to succeed and approach digital transformation staffing differently. 

Our ability to self-reflect ensures that we are constantly searching for ways in which we can hire software engineers that better meet the needs of our clients.

At Ursus, we are here to play a role in the ever-evolving story of your business.